Microbiological tests

  • List of clinical Microbiology testing method

    The laboratory performs microbiological testing of food and products related to food. It includes testing of dairy, fish and fish products, other freshwater and sea foods, various culinary products and dishes, semi manufactures, non-alcoholic drinks, raw materials used for preparing food, food that includes specific micro flora (probiotics) and feedstuffs. Microbial pollution, hygienic indicator microorganisms, microorganisms that cause spoilage, agents of infectious diseases that spread with food are identified.

  • List of food testing methods

    The laboratory performs testing microbial pollution of environmental surfaces in institutions producing and selling food, healthcare organizations, beauty salons, saunas, solariums, pools, cleanrooms and good practice manufacturers. The testing of surfaces is performed using swabs, sponges or contact plate methods. Total microbiological surface pollution and also indicator and microorganisms causing diseases are determined.

  • List of surface testing methods

    The laboratory performs testing on tap water, well water, artesian bore water, mineral water, various bottled water, open water pools, beaches, pools, purified water, and cleaned (dialysis) water. Indicator organisms are being detected, the level of microbiological pollution is being determined and the agents of water borne infectious diseases are identified. The water is also tested for Legionella contamination.

  • List of water microbiological testing methods

    The laboratory performs testing on silt used for fertilizing, compost used for growing vegetables and flowers, remedial mud used for medical procedures. General microbiological pollution is determined, Indicator organisms, microorganisms causing purulent skin infections and pathogenic organisms are identified.

  • List of testing methods for soil, silt, compost

    The laboratory performs testing on environmental air in rooms which have to meet biological pollution requirements for cleanrooms and good practice institutions. Testing is performed using aspiration and sedimentation methods.

  • List of microbiological tests

    The laboratory performs testing on medical implements and pharmacy preparations (local use and inhalation preparations, transdermal bandages, oral preparations which include natural substances, brewable herbal medical products). General pollution level is determined for medical implements before their sterilization. Sterility is determined for sterile medical implements and pharmacy preparations.

  • List of testing methods performed on medical implements, pharmacy preparations and remedial mud

    The laboratory performs testing on agents and preparations meant for external body parts or teeth, cleaning of dental cavity, fragrance, to change appearance, protect and maintain good condition of them. It includes: creams, gels, masks, lotions, self tan, toning, eye make-up products and other products. Also the testing is performed on personal hygiene means: disposable towels, napkins, handkerchiefs, and hygiene means for babies.

  • List of testing performed for the agents of rare and extremely dangerous infections

    The laboratory performs confirmation and typing of agents of infectious diseases extracted in other laboratories of the country using microbiological and molecular biology methods. Laboratory performs identification of species, serotype, biotype, extended antibioticogram, determination of factors of pathogenicity and resistance to antimicrobial medications of extracted bacteria strains.

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