The tests of physical factors

National public health surveillance laboratory provides the following physical factors tests

Electromagnetic field measurements:

  • industrial-frequency electromagnetic fields;

  • radio frequency band of electromagnetic fields;

  • microwave range of electromagnetic fields.

Sound level measurements:

  • maximum sound pressure level;

  • The equivalent sound pressure level;

  •  peak sound pressure;

  • sound pressure levels in octave frequency bands.

Microclimate parameters:

  • air temperature;

  • relative humidity;

  • air speed;

  • ventilation efficiency;

  • Ultraviolet radiation power density measurement.


Vibration measurements:

  • vibration level  in octave frequency bands;

  • whole-body vibration;

  • hand-arm vibration.


Ultraviolet radiation measurments

Illuminance measurements:

  • artificial illuminance;

  • natural illuminance.

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