The assessment of occupational risk

The division of occupational risk assessment renders the following services of occupational risk assessment.


The assessment of occupational risk includes the following steps:

Development – underway  the identification of potential risk in the workplaces: the risk of factors (chemical, biological, physical, ergonomic, psychosocial) are identified, the places where the personnel can be exposed by the risk factors and are made the scheme of occupational risk assessment are determined. The impact causes and term of risk factors are determined. The term of development – 1–3 days from the receipt of the application.


The analysis of occupational risk – this stage of work begins when the development is done and the contracted, estimated, and the scheme of occupational risk assessment are ready. The professionals and personnel, who does the laboratories measurements on the occupational risk analysis stage, they  goes to the workplaces who are provided to assess in the occupational risk assessment scheme and  measures and analyzes the risk factors (chemical, biological, physical, ergonomic, psychosocial) by appliances. After that the protocols of measurements and analysis are prepared.

The assessment of occupational risk (risk estimation) – the result of risk measurement are analysed, determined the risk for personnel and decided of the risk acceptability or unacceptability. The findings of the risk analysis measurement and analysis are compared with  Lithuanian hygiene norms, in other legal acts determined values and allowed values, considering to the effect of the risk factors time, their properties and usable personal protective implements. Then the risk is identified and the decision for the risk acceptability or unacceptability is made, the identification card of occupational risk is filling. If the risk is unacceptable, the recommendations are formulated to avoid unacceptable risk (the measures of preventive risk elimination and mitigation).


The company's condition passport of personnel safety and health is filled in accordance with the order Nr. A1-158/V-611 of ministers of Health and Social Protection and Labour on 16-11-2003 approved "the standard form of company personnel safety and health condition passport".


The assessment of work environment factors in accordance with client's records – the working environment factors analyses/measurements are compared with the Lithuanian hygiene norms and in other legal acts determined values and allowable values, taking into account of the duration and quality of risk factors.


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